Best Online Resources for Learning Morse Code

BLpic60Ham Radio and Scouting have had a long and solid relationship. Back in 2012, I wrote an article of the Top 10 Reasons You Should Get a Ham Radio License. I also wrote a couple of articles (here and here) about Jamboree On The Air – the annual Ham Radio event just for Scouts.

One of the ways Ham Radio and Scouting intersect is in the area of Morse Code. Morse code represents letters and numbers with a series of short pulses and long pulses (“dots and dashes” or “dits and dahs”).

Ham Radio operators use Morse to transmit and receive messages in situations where voice cannot. Similarly, Scouts have historically taught themselves Morse code for use in emergency communication. Today, it isn’t required for an Amateur Radio license, but it is still fun to learn and continues to serve in emergencies when other methods of communication fail.

I have scoured the internet for the best free online tools to help you master the code in short order. There are great smartphone apps and downloadable programs you can use as well, but for this list I have stuck with online apps only.


BLpic323Learn CW Online – This website is hands-down one of the best free online courses for learning Morse Code (CW). You can create an account and keep track of your progress. It follows one of the most universally recommended methods for learning: The Koch method.

K6RAU Code Course – This website offers a complete CW audio course available for mp3 download. It was first made and broadcast over the radio in the 1970’s for Boy Scouts who were learning.

The Ham Whisperer Morse Course – This is a complete and well-done video based curriculum for learning Morse Code. It also gives exercises for practice.

AA9PW Morse Code Practice – This website offers a helpful tool that generates Morse code using parameters you specify. It is helpful for practicing your receiving skills.

Morse on Kongregate – Kongregate is an online platform where people can share games they created. One person created a fun little game for learning and practicing Morse code. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best online game I found and made me want to keep playing.


BLpic512I hope you find these resources helpful! Morse code is both rewarding and fun, and it can make a great activity for your Patrol or Troop.

Do you know Morse code? Are you familiar with any other good resources I missed here? Leave a comment and let me know! If you found this post helpful, you can share it on social media or print it via the buttons below.

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Jeff Montgomery WB4WXD

Works really well and you can download the audio files


Frank Maynard
If you need a little inspiration, go to John Shannon’s (K3WWP) excellent website and read some testimonials by teens who have learned Morse Code and use it on the air. John has lots of resources on his web pages. If you’re really interested, spend some time reading the articles he has posted. Still the best way to learn the code is by using it. You don’t need to know Morse Code to get your amateur radio license, and once you’re on the air, you can send and receive Morse Code with simple, relatively inexpensive radio gear and homemade antennas.… Read more »

I started with Ham Whisperer to learn most of the letters, but it when I needed more variety for practice and some settings (since HW is just a video with fixed lessons), I went to CW Player by F6DQM, which has a lot of options and a great new game. Just Learn Morse Code by LB3KB is similar to CW Player — a lot of options (but no game).