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Scouting Around Town

Introduction Modern Scouting seems to have developed a simple, repetitive model for Scouting activities. Once a week, the Troop holds a meeting (almost always at the same place); once a month (or less), the Troop goes on a camping trip; and occasionally a community service project is performed. This routine (or small variations on it) […]

“Physically Strong” Monday – Building Blocks of Fitness

“On my Honor I will do my best … to keep myself physically strong …”    To be a Scout of any age, health is important. Obviously, you can’t enjoy the adventures of Scouting the most or serve others as best you can if you aren’t physically fit. But it also goes deeper than that. One […]

Scout Camps are Boring! – Part 3

Where's the Enthusiasm? Ask a boy today if he'd like to go spend a week in the woods away from civilization, and you're going to get variety of responses. Unfortunately, many of those will be negative. Ask a kid the same question in the 1930's, and you'd get a much more positive response overall. Granted, […]

Scout Camps are Boring! – Part 2

The Purposeful Camp I was buying into a certain way of thinking about camps that I have since found to be inaccurate. The way of thinking goes like this: “The most important thing about Scout Camping is where you camp. The more exciting the setting, the funner the camp. The more commonplace the setting, the more […]

Scout Camps are Boring! – Part 1

The Downward Spiral of Spectacular The Example It was a much anticipated Scout Camping Trip. We were going to see some spectacular canyons out in West Texas. The weather was beautiful, and everything was just right. Though it was a long drive to get there, the Adult Leaders and older Scouts were really pushing for […]

Why the Wilderness? – WoS Part 3

    Welcome back to Scouting Rediscovered! In this post, I'd like to continue a very interesting series I'm working on about the wilderness and its important role in Scouting. In the first post of this series, I defined the current dilemma of the wilderness's role in Scouting and laid out what this series would […]

The History of the Wilderness in Scouting – WoS Pt. 2


Last week, I introduced a new series on Scouting Rediscovered called, “The Wilderness of Scouting.” In this series, I want to explore what the wilderness is and what its role in Scouting is. I would also like to explore how technology fits into that picture. To start out with, it is very important to have […]

The Wilderness of Scouting: Introduction


It was the last day of camp in the canyons of West Texas. The sun rose to illuminate the brilliant red and brown textures of the canyon walls that rose around our camp. Despite the wonderful scenery that surrounded us, it had been a fairly average camp. It was at a colder time of year, […]

The Misunderstood Clove Hitch (via

When I was first learning my lashings, it always seemed that finishing them off gave me no end of trouble. It says in the book to secure with a Clove Hitch, but whenever I tried to tie a Clove Hitch the way the book described, it always ended up with too much slack and my […]

Rediscovering the Tourniquet Lashing!

Other Places on the site, I’ve talked about John Thurman, an influential British Scouter. He was the head of the famous Gilwell Scout Park in England for some time. In addition, he wrote many good books on various topics of Scouting. One of his biggest contributions is in the field of Pioneering. He wrote many […]