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How to Delegate

Here is some great advice on proper delegation in Scouting that I recently ran across in an old pamphlet published by the Boy Scouts of Canada in the 1960's:

Physically Strong Monday: The Warm Up

Introduction   In the last post, “Building Blocks of Fitness”, I introduced a new series on becoming physically fit. As Scouts, it is our duty to be prepared in body for everyday service, for challenging adventures, and for any emergency which may arise. Because of that, I have determined to build good, healthy habits which […]

Outfitted for Adventure: The Scout Uniform

"The correct wearing of the Uniform and smartness of turnout of the individual Scout makes him a credit to our Movement. It shows his pride in himself and in his Troop. One slovenly Scout, on the other hand, inaccurately dressed may let down the whole Movement in the eyes of the public. Show me such […]

From Boy Scout to Scout Leader

The End or the Beginning? Well, not too long ago, I turned 18. That means that I am 'officially' no longer a 'Boy Scout'. Wow! I can't believe how quickly time has flown! I joined when I was 13, and I still vividly remember so many of those early memories as if they were last […]

Young Man’s Guide to Talking With Elders

Introduction As a young man starting out and trying to get on in life, one of the biggest challenges I have to face is that of communicating with others. Communicating with others, by itself, is one of the most subtle and complex tasks we have to do on a day-to-day basis. Even for extroverts, it […]

2013 Website Announcement

Hello Everyone! I’m very sorry for not posting here in a while! Unfortunately, the website was hacked and some malicious code was installed in various places. You may have gotten a warning when you tried to visit this website in the past couple of weeks. Since this website is completely self-funded by myself and I […]

High Expectations

Setting a High Standard I always encourage Scouts whenever I can to set high standards for themselves. This is so important that I believe it is our duty as Scouts. This is the essence of the Scout Oath and Law. We should constantly be striving to push ourselves harder and accomplish more. This is the […]

Election Day: An open letter from an Eagle Scout to America

Dear America, The minds of many are occupied with politics right now. In a tight race like this one, everyone is thinking about who will be our next President. I have come to the conclusion that what this Election Day stands for is far greater than who will sit in the Oval Office during the […]

Three Reasons Why You Should Participate in JOTA | Guest post on is a website/blog that talks about the exciting field of Amateur Radio. I did a guest post there and wanted to share it with those readers of ScoutingRediscovered who might be interested. In my guest post, I talk about the 3 Reasons why you need to get involved with this year’s Jamboree on the […]

Scout’s Scrapbook (8-20-12): Success

Scout’s Scrapbook (8-20-12): Success

Today’s edition of The Scout’s Scrapbook is a quotation from Sir Robert Baden-Powell (the founder of Scouting) on how a Scout looks on Success: This quote excellently captures the spirit in which a Scout takes on life and looks on success. Scouts know that nothing worth having in the world comes for free. As I […]