Election Day: An open letter from an Eagle Scout to America

Dear America,

The minds of many are occupied with politics right now. In a tight race like this one, everyone is thinking about who will be our next President. I have come to the conclusion that what this Election Day stands for is far greater than who will sit in the Oval Office during the next four year. I don’t speak for any organization or for any political group; I speak as a Scout who believes that the principles which made Scouting great are the same ones that made America great.

To become a Scout, one has to take the Scout Oath. As an Eagle Scout, I have taken and reaffirmed this Oath many times. This Oath says that we have a Duty. We have a Duty to our convictions, to our nation, to our fellow human beings, and to ourselves. I firmly believe that this conviction of Duty among all Americans is what built this nation to become one of the freest and most prosperous on Earth.

Election Day reminds of this Duty. It reminds us that the destiny of America is ultimately not up to the President, or our Congressmen, or our Mayors: It is up to us.

Because it is up to us, the destiny of America is a very fragile thing. It could disappear in a very short time if we fail to do our Duty. America proved to the world that a nation built upon freedom, representative government, and free enterprise can really work; and not only work, but excel! But the proving is not over; the world is still watching us to see if we will fail in this Duty that we have taken upon ourselves.

Let us wear this responsibility proudly! It isn’t just about Voting, it is about building a Legacy with our everyday actions that will carry this Nation forward into the 21st Century. I am not able to vote yet, but I have dedicated myself to doing my best to do my Duty and to build this legacy everyday. I ask you to join me!

America, your future is in your hands!

– The Scout

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Caleb Wong

Thank you Enoch for speaking to the more important values that our nation must carry forward, regardless of party affiliation.