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Hello! And thank you for reading ScoutingRediscovered!

I wanted to make a brief, formal announcement of another Scouting project I have been working on this year with Scouter Clarke Green of

It is called “GreenBar Life”, and it is a running series of articles aimed at youth leaders in Scouting Troops.


In this series, I share a lot of tips, techniques, and experiences I gleaned from my time as Patrol Leader and Senior Patrol Leader in my Troop. Basically, everything I wish I would have learned sooner which would’ve helped me in leadership.

These articles will usually be in the form of a 3-part series which will run toward the end of each week. That’s not all, though! Clarke Green has put together a really cool forum on the site as well where Scouts can come, ask questions, and share experiences.

I’m really excited about this project, and I see it becoming a really valuable resource for Scouts who want to become better leaders. My role-model in this is William Hillcourt, who penned the long-running “Green Bar Bill” series for Patrol Leaders in Boys’ Life Magazine. I don’t know of any similar resource specifically for youth leaders that exists for present-day Scouts.

If you check out the site and think it’s worth sharing, I would really appreciate it if you pass it along to Scouts you know!

Also, a big thank you for being in Scouting and supporting this movement! It’s men like you that will make Scouting just as amazing 100 years from now as it was in the past century!

Scout On!

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