Honoring the Scouts Who Defended Freedom

It is hard to imagine a better reason to look into the past than to simply say “Thank You!” to those who sacrificed their time, money, and lives to build a better world for us today. The Scouting Movement, in particular, has distinguished itself for being populated by members and volunteers, young and old, who have dedicated their lives to this end.

Today, I want to take a look at some of the Scouts of the past who served the world during World War Two by serving in the United States Military. These men possessed the spirit of Scouting; service to others. Through Scouting, they grew and developed their desire to do good into a greater ability to put it actively into practice.

As you read about these men who risked everything to serve others, think about and honor all those who did likewise from the founding of the United States to the present time. Many of them ended up giving their lives to protect the land they loved.

Finally, never forget that it is our duty, as well, to leave a legacy for the future. Let us give future generations every reason to be as proud of us as we are of those who came before us.



Robert Johnson, Scout Hero

Eugene Greeson, Scout Hero

Eddie Waters, Scout Hero

Robert Worley, Scout Hero

Eugene Greeson, Scout Hero

Robert Scott, Scout Hero

Phillip Cochran, Scout Hero

Gerry Kisters, Scout Hero

Guy Gibson, Scout Hero

Credit for these images goes to the editors and writers of the 1940’s editions of Boys’ Life Magazine. Many thanks to their hard work to chronicle Scouting’s History.

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Scouter Mark

Great history! Pinned your photos to http://www.pinterest.com/Troop362/boy-scout-war-heroes/