How to Jump Start a Car: Picture Tutorial

A Scout is prepared! That is our motto. It is simple enough, but very hard to carry out. Be Prepared for what? When? The simple answer is Scouts should try to be prepared for anything and everything that they can. In this post I hope to help you be prepared for a very common situation that you might have to face someday with a vehicle .

Motor vehicles have a large battery that powers the electronic components of the vehicle and is necessary to start the engine. Sometimes the battery can run out if a light is left on, or some other reason. Since the car must have power in order to start, you can use a technique called “jump starting” the car to get it started. Once the car is started, the built-in ‘alternator’ in the car will finish the job of recharging the battery as the car is running.

The process of jump starting the vehicle involves hooking up the battery of a running vehicle to to dead battery of the car while starting it. First, I highly recommend reading the manual for your vehicle, and looking over the instructions that come with your jumper cables.

To jump start a car with a dead battery you will need a running vehicle and a pair of jumper cables.





















At this point you make sure the car with the live battery is running. Then you start the engine on the car with the previously dead battery. Once you have started the car successfully, you disconnect the cables in the reverse order in which you put them on. Then you’re good to go!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Again I would like to encourage you to read the manual for your vehicle, and look over the instructions that come with your jumper cables. I hope this post was informative and will assist you in your quest to Be Prepared! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them in the comment section.


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Robert Williams

It’s safer to connect the black clamp to an unpainted metal surface on the car with the dead battery, rather than to the negative post on the dead battery. It avoids a slight risk of explosion.


Thanks for the comment! I’ve actually never heard of that before, but after looking it up a little more on the internet, it seems that the way you suggested is the recommended method. However, I’ve successfully done it dozen’s of times without incident the other way, but I’ll have to remember that for the next time.


As Robert suggested, it is highly recommended to connect the negative jumper cable of the disabled vehicle to a clean, unpainted metal surface of the vehicle with direct connection to the tires for a sturdy ground. Also, one thing to make sure of is that the battery cables are secure and the connectors are not corroded or obstructed. Disconnect the battery cables NEGATIVE first and reconnect them NEGATIVE last.


Thank you for your comment. I was taught the way I presented it here, and I’ve done it safely many times this way. The way you listed is considered the safest by professionals, so thank you for sharing it for the benefit of other readers!

Thanks for reading the blog! I do not live in PA, but I wish your business the best of success!