Images of a Movement: Thursday Spotlight (9-5-13)

It’s been too long since I did one of these posts! You may have noticed that I use a lot of old-time Scout photographs throughout this blog. There are a handful of reasons for this. For one, they go great with the theme of this blog, as I am out to rediscover valuable Scouting lessons from the past. Secondly, they’re inspiring. They remind us what this movement has been through and where it has come from. They capture Scouts doing awesome things, many times in ways we don’t really do too much anymore. And Thirdly, I am just a big fan of the nostalgic style.

So without further ado, I’d like to present to you some of my latest favorite historical Scout photos!



The Photo above is from an article by William Hillcourt (Green Bar Bill). In the article Hillcourt highlights the importance of individual Patrol Camps.

“For when everything’s said and done, that’s what troop camping is: the sum of the patrols camping together. In the really well-run troop camp, each patrol has its own campsite, with all the trimmings that make a camp comfortable and easy to run. Each patrol does its own cooking, puts on some of its own activities.”



In this photo, Scouts examine a model of a Space Satellite. Those who explore Space are some of the truest descendants of the pioneers of old. Is it any coincidence that 207 of the 312 pilots and scientists selected as astronauts from ’57 to ’07 have been Scouts or involved with Scouting? Or that 10 out of the 12 men who walked on the surface of the moon were Scouts?



In this photo, Scouts of Italy conquer a snow-clad mountain. Can it get more awesome than that?



Camp Life! It’s Scouts cooking over a fire they built themselves, and eating food they cooked under a dining fly they pitched.


Here is a slideshow of Scouts building an Adirondack shelter. When was the last time the Scouts in your Troop built something impressive? Camping in comfort shouldn’t be about how much expensive gear you can buy, but how you can do it yourself with skill and ingenuity!


I hope you liked this selection of Scout Photos. Know someone else who’d like them? Feel free to share this post! Thanks for reading ScoutingRediscovered. It’s up to you to help spread the timeless principles and values of Scouting and preserve them for the future!


Credit for this selection of photos goes to the photographers of the Boys’ Life Magazine. Without their effort and journalism, we wouldn’t have these to look back upon.

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Oh this is great stuff, keep it coming. Love the photos of Scouts of old. It’s also great to see Scouts in full uniform as we did in 1963, instead of class A shirt and poka dot shorts with green sneakers with their hat on backwards!!!