Scouting: The Images of a Movement | Thursday Spotlight 10-11-12

Images from the past inspire us. They make us think about where we’ve been, and where we’re going. They make us thankful for the legacy left to us by our predecessors, and they embolden us to do our best to leave a great legacy for those who follow us.

This week, I would like to highlight some of the photos from Scouting’s past that have inspired me. I hope you enjoy looking at this glimpse into the past, and I hope the photos inspire you as much as they do me. Please help others to Rediscover Scouting by sharing this post with others. Thanks for reading!

Troop formation drills are not only great ways to improve the discipline and Scout Spirit of your Troop, they can also be a lot of fun. The guy on the right is directing the Troop to the right formation with hand signals. Does your Troop look like this?


Although I’ve seen these projects referenced many times in old Scouting Literature, I rarely find a picture of one in action. This is a river transporter made of lashings and poles.


Patrol Corners are a little place each Patrol can call their own. They are very important in the Patrol System. Do your Patrols have their own special meeting places?


The skill of tracking and being stealthy in the wilderness was very important to Scouts in the past.


Scouts learn by doing! Scouts are never passively learning, they are actively learning! You can’t take the action out of Scouting and still have Scouting.


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Larry Green

Love these photos!

Mark West

Awesome photos! This is what we should be doing in Scouting……………not just being advancement Nazi’s. Those just aren’t very fun people to be around! #ENDOFSTORY