Scouting: The Images of a Movement | Thursday Spotlight 4-10-12

Images from the past inspire us. They make us think about where we’ve been, and where we’re going. They make us thankful for the legacy left to us by our predecessors, and they embolden us to do our best to leave a great legacy for those who follow us.

This week, I would like to highlight some of the photos from Scouting’s past that have inspired me. I hope you enjoy looking at this glimpse into the past, and I hope the photos inspire you as much as they do me. Please help others to Rediscover Scouting by sharing this post with others. Thanks for reading!

I’ve always loved climbing of all sorts. Rope climbing is especially challenging. Can you climb a rope without using your feet?
Pioneering was certainly my favorite Merit Badge. The fun and usefulness of learning this activity will never get old!
Every Scout Patrol should go on a Patrol Hike as often as they can. Make sure you bring the Patrol Flag!
Scouts have a history of service! Here are some Boy Scouts and a Cub Scout collecting metal for the war effort.
I’ve gone camping with a makeshift backpack many times. Scouting doesn’t require fancy equipment!


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