Scout’s Scrapbook (8-4-12): I couldn’t care less!

In today’s edition of the Scout’s Scrapbook, John Thurman, a distinguished historical British Scouter, gives what I believe is the best advice ever given to a Patrol Leader:

There is something very important that we can learn from this quote. This advice is applicable for not only Patrol Leaders, but also for anyone in a position with leadership and responsibility.

To start off, John Thurman points out a saying that had just started coming into widespread use when he wrote this, and is still heard much today. He believed this saying illustrated a very dangerous attitude that makes Patrol Leaders unworthy to hold their position if they say it and mean it. The saying is: “I couldn’t care less”, why is this such a big deal? Well, it is impossible to be a good leader unless one has himself personally invested in the group that he is leading.

What do I mean by “personally invested”? Well, when people ask me for advice on how to be a good leader, I tell them that the absolutely most important thing is for them to truly care about those who are following them. They’ve got to want what’s best for their group so bad that they can taste it! All other little aspects of leadership; such as motivation, communication, and etc.; will fall into place if the leader cares about his group this much.

I see a lot of young men that I believe could be excellent and effective leaders… if only they would care about it. If one cares about his group so much that he tries to do everything that he can to help them be better, even if it costs him much, then that person is truly a leader.

If you’re disappointed with how the group you are involved with is doing, and how they are responding to your leadership, the first thing you need to do is examine yourself and your attitude. Being a good leader will take everything that you’ve got, that is why good leaders are so scarce. You’ve got to have genuine passion; when that happens, everything else will start to click into place.

So far, I’ve never heard anything that says this better or more succinctly than John Thurman’s quote, and that is why I have included it in today’s Scout Scrapbook. If you take this advice to heart and put it into practice, than you will go places you’ve never dreamed of!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Scout’s Scrapbook. If you have any questions or comments, I’d love to hear them!

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