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The Building Blocks of Patrol Leadership

I can get really excited about traditional Scouting, but sometimes it’s overwhelming to implement all of the principles in real life. I’ve put together a blueprint for a Scoutmaster/Patrol Leader training session that will help you teach the basic building blocks of leadership to your Patrol Leaders. This blueprint isn’t a replacement for experience. Rather, it’s a small tool for the Scoutmaster to use as he helps maximize the experience of his Scouts.

This program covers six major leadership principles. For each principle, there is an instruction portion, an interactive Scout demonstration/activity, a guided discussion period, and a personalized action plan for the Scouts.

There are two printable, beautifully-designed PDFs in this package. The first is a complete leader’s guide with thorough instruction notes. The second is a Scout’s guide with space for taking notes and answering questions.

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