The Scout’s Guide to Naming Your Patrol

While working on an article that will be published this weekend on GreenBar Life, I found some really cool quotes from John Thruman, William Hillcourt, and others talking about the importance of the Patrol Name. This is a topic which I didn’t think much about when I first joined Scouting. To me, a Patrol name […]

Searching for Heroes

The Influence of Heroes One of my first childhood heroes was a man named George Washington Carver. He was born into slavery in 1864. Despite having to grow up during the tremendously difficult reconstruction era, he became one of the leading botanists and educators of the South. He had a genius for science and a […]

Scout Camps are Boring! – Part 3

Where’s the Enthusiasm? Ask a boy today if he’d like to go spend a week in the woods away from civilization, and you’re going to get variety of responses. Unfortunately, many of those will be negative. Ask a kid the same question in the 1930’s, and you’d get a much more positive response overall. Granted, […]

Why the Wilderness? – WoS Part 3

Welcome back to Scouting Rediscovered! In this post, I’d like to continue a very interesting series I’m working on about the wilderness and its important role in Scouting. In the first post of this series, I defined the current dilemma of the wilderness’s role in Scouting and laid out what this series would be about. […]

The Wilderness of Scouting: Introduction

It was the last day of camp in the canyons of West Texas. The sun rose to illuminate the brilliant red and brown textures of the canyon walls that rose around our camp. Despite the wonderful scenery that surrounded us, it had been a fairly average camp. It was at a colder time of year, […]

Rediscovering the Merit Badge

What were Merit Badges like in 1913? Today I’d like to present to you a great article I discovered from an 1913 edition of Boys’ Life Magazine. The topic is on Merit Badges, specifically, an introduction to what Merit Badges are all about. What makes this article so valuable is that it gives us an […]