Traditional Scouting 101 – Introduction

Now was my big moment. Here I was, a new Senior Patrol Leader, formally opening my first Troop meeting. I had everything prepared – I was going to lead the opening recitation of the Scout Law and Oath; I would then make announcements; finally, I was going to give a rousing pep-talk. My inspirational mini-speech […]

Searching for Heroes

The Influence of Heroes One of my first childhood heroes was a man named George Washington Carver. He was born into slavery in 1864. Despite having to grow up during the tremendously difficult reconstruction era, he became one of the leading botanists and educators of the South. He had a genius for science and a […]

Outfitted for Adventure: The Scout Uniform

“The correct wearing of the Uniform and smartness of turnout of the individual Scout makes him a credit to our Movement. It shows his pride in himself and in his Troop. One slovenly Scout, on the other hand, inaccurately dressed may let down the whole Movement in the eyes of the public. Show me such […]

The Patrols’ Common Ground

  This quote from John Thurman gives an excellent example of what the Patrol Spirit should look like. When the Patrol gets together, each of the Scouts should be focusing on the good of the Patrol. I remember when I was Patrol Leader of the Panther Patrol. It was first formed, I became the Patrol […]

The Joy of Camping

  “Hiking, too, where you go farther afield, exploring new places every day, is a glorious adventure. It strengthens you and hardens you so that you won’t mind wind and rain, heat and cold. You take them all as they com, feeling that sense of fitness that enables you to face any old trouble with a smile, knowing […]

The Two Lives of a Hero II: Charterhouse Boy

  Today, I’m going to continue the series I introduced earlier, where I will be going through the biography: “Baden-Powell: The Two Lives of a Hero” by William Hillcourt. In this post, I will be giving a brief synopsis and commentary of the second Chapter: “Charterhouse Boy”. Last chapter, we left off with Baden-Powell leaving […]