From Boy Scout to Scout Leader

The End or the Beginning? Well, not too long ago, I turned 18. That means that I am ‘officially’ no longer a ‘Boy Scout’. Wow! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown! I joined when I was 13, and I still vividly remember so many of those early memories as if they were last […]

New Scouts and the Patrol Method?

In order to keep a Scout Troop established along the lines of the Patrol Method and being Boy-led, it is important that new Scouts in the Troop are taught about the Patrol Method and know its importance and the responsibilities it requires of each Scout. Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as having an “Introduction to […]

The Two Lives of a Hero: Introduction

Today I’m going to start a new series here on “Scouting Rediscovered” that will run in parallel to the other series that I’m currently writing. Over a year ago, I borrowed a book from my local library called: Baden-Powell: The Two Lives of a Hero. This book is a biography of the founder of the Scouting movement: […]

Rediscovering the Scout Staff

When Baden-Powell first conceived the idea of the Boy Scout, part of the uniform that he designed included the hiking staff. Yes, indeed, he considered the hiking staff or ‘Scout staff’ to be an indispensable part of Scout equipment. This was for good reason, for the Scout staff has been and always will be a […]