Observational 1: A Simple Habit for Daily Improvement

Brother Scout, I don’t think about the past very much. You probably don’t either. We hear about folks or have friends who seem to be obsessed with stuff that’s already happened, decisions already made. I know I certainly don’t want to be one of those who continually live in the past, so I generally think […]

12 Ways to Live Like a Scout Today

Question: How can I take the Scouting Oath and Law more seriously in my day-to-day life? An oath is a very solemn thing. It isn’t a motto or positive incantation. It is a verbal commitment on one’s honor do a certain thing. This is a question I have been thinking a lot about lately. If you haven’t […]

Deliberate Enthusiasm

Day before camp: “Isn’t it tomorrow yet?!?” 1st day of camp: “Awesome! Sweet! This place rocks!” 2nd day of camp: “Who’s turn was it to do dishes?” 3rd day of camp: “Isn’t it time to go home now?” Yep! It a pattern that happens all too often, even on ‘good’ camping trips. You’ve seen it […]

High Expectations

Setting a High Standard I always encourage Scouts whenever I can to set high standards for themselves. This is so important that I believe it is our duty as Scouts. This is the essence of the Scout Oath and Law. We should constantly be striving to push ourselves harder and accomplish more. This is the […]