Traditional Scouting 101 – Camp Programs

When election time comes around, I sometimes find it frustrating watching different politicians debate. Many of them have great things to say about what they want to accomplish if they’re elected, but I often want more details. I want to know how the results they describe will actually be accomplished step-by-step. I like plans, not […]

Scout Camps are Boring! – Part 3

Where’s the Enthusiasm? Ask a boy today if he’d like to go spend a week in the woods away from civilization, and you’re going to get variety of responses. Unfortunately, many of those will be negative. Ask a kid the same question in the 1930’s, and you’d get a much more positive response overall. Granted, […]

Scout Camps are Boring! – Part 2

The Purposeful Camp I was buying into a certain way of thinking about camps that I have since found to be inaccurate. The way of thinking goes like this: “The most important thing about Scout Camping is where you camp. The more exciting the setting, the funner the camp. The more commonplace the setting, the more […]

Scout Camps are Boring! – Part 1

The Downward Spiral of Spectacular The Example It was a much anticipated Scout Camping Trip. We were going to see some spectacular canyons out in West Texas. The weather was beautiful, and everything was just right. Though it was a long drive to get there, the Adult Leaders and older Scouts were really pushing for […]

Why the Wilderness? – WoS Part 3

Welcome back to Scouting Rediscovered! In this post, I’d like to continue a very interesting series I’m working on about the wilderness and its important role in Scouting. In the first post of this series, I defined the current dilemma of the wilderness’s role in Scouting and laid out what this series would be about. […]

The Wilderness of Scouting: Introduction

It was the last day of camp in the canyons of West Texas. The sun rose to illuminate the brilliant red and brown textures of the canyon walls that rose around our camp. Despite the wonderful scenery that surrounded us, it had been a fairly average camp. It was at a colder time of year, […]