The Patrols’ Common Ground


This quote from John Thurman gives an excellent example of what the Patrol Spirit should look like. When the Patrol gets together, each of the Scouts should be focusing on the good of the Patrol.

I remember when I was Patrol Leader of the Panther Patrol. It was first formed, I became the Patrol Leader. We had over a solid year’s worth of time to grow together as a team without being moved around or split up. It took a while, but the Patrol Spirit started to truly flourish in the Panthers. We prided ourselves on having the best Patrol Campsite at camping trips. We were the top Patrol in the Troop at Camporee competitions.

As time when on, a lot of our motivation for trying our hardest individually was because we didn’t want to let down the Patrol. We were proud of our Patrol and started to truly think of ourselves as a team, not just a collection of individuals. Eventually, I left the Patrol and it was afterwards split up. I will always consider this a great tragedy, because all of the effort that we spent on building a Patrol Legacy was lost.

The fundamental reason we can form these bonds of a team is because we all have a common reason and purpose for being Scouts. As Thurman puts it: “a unique cord that ought to bind all of us together”. That’s the Scout Oath and Law put to practice in everyday life. No matter what our differences, we can always fall back on this common ground.

I hope you enjoyed this post and were inspired by it. Please pass it along!

Scout on!


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